Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Personalized Breakfast

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day.  There's nothing better than waking up and looking forward to a great meal.  On those days when I know the gym will not be graced with my presence, I opt for that healthy not-so-boring choice. Oatmeal.
This is a picture taken from Health.com
Now... there are so many things about oatmeal students don't realize. First, it's one of those things you can personalize, some like theirs with milk, berries, raisins perhaps? Others go for sugar overload with maple syrup and brown sugar... whatever your preference be, this is sure to keep you satisfied all morning.

Easy and quick food is key in the morning, especially when your alarm didn't go off and that 10 minute walk to class will have to take 5 minutes today. Oatmeal will keep you full and give you a healthy start on those no gym days! Enjoy.

The Stripe Effect

I went shopping with my sister a few weeks ago and we found some great pieces.  When we got home and opened our bags to try everyone on for a second time and talk about our favorite pieces we noticed something strange.... stripes. They were on every single top we bought! Stripes are everywhere this season, so why not join in? They can be found anywhere from h&m to top designers. 
This one in particular is super easy to wear.  Leggings, jeans, black pants... it goes with everything.  Add a scarf and you're ready for class or a lunch date. I find myself looking through my closet and always wanting to wear to striped pieces! Whether you want  pretty stripes, crazy stripes or racing stripes, do it!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Love Affair

Every year for lent I give up one thing I never thought I could live without. This year, I was brave and decided to cut out the thing I love the most, dessert.  Maybe it's being in college, being a girl, or the sugar, but dessert is always something I look forward to. What's the first dessert I will have after lent?

This picture is taken from Bon Appetite, a great place to find amazing recipes

Yes, those are cupcakes.  I love the size, delicious taste and perfection every cupcake has to offer.  The best thing about these is they can be bought individually, which is great for cutting a dessert craving for any college girl!

Roses are Red, Jackets are Blue

There's something about a jean jacket I find timeless... it's easy, it's comfortable, it's wonderful. Spring time in New England can be a hard season to dress for.  Some days are warm, while others leave you freezing.  Having a versatile jacket make those brisk sunny days worth remembering!

First Thoughts

I've finally done it, started my own blog.  For months I've been contemplating the idea, but felt like I never had anything good enough to blog about.  My passions? fashion and food.  It's nothing out of the ordinary but a great outfit and a great meal to me represent endless possibilities. I am a Montreal girl who goes to a small business school in Massachusetts. There's only so much dining hall food I can take, therefore putting on my favorite flats and  finding great inexpensive meals is what I love to do. Although I love fashion,  I've never considered myself a fashionista. I look for deals, one of a kind pieces and pieces I can wear over and over again.