Sunday, May 29, 2011

My City in Bloom

The month of May in Montreal means arrival of flowers on every corner! I love flowers because they make everything look a little better and add beautiful colours to the city.  Today, my family and I went to buy flowers for our little city yard.  Here are some pictures I wanted to share:
Neighbors purple tulips, too pretty to be unphotographed

My maman working on our small garden
Just lovely!

Our dog Cooper (notice the bag on his right foot... he got stitches)

My personal favorite, isn't this colour great?

Des impatiences

The makings of a small herb garden (added to every delicious summer meal)
I have a small obsession with flowers, so they will most definitely appear again on this blog.  Something so lovely can not go unrecognized!

Pasta Creation

Since being back from college, I am spoiled with wonderful meals my mother makes everyday! Here's a quick creation we made together the other night.  Nothings much better than a tasty pasta dish for dinner. 

There's nothing quite like it!
This is so easy to do, especially when there's lots of leftovers and unused veggies in the fridge.  This particular dish is penne pasta with sauteed tomatoes, asparagus and leftover grilled chicken.  We added prosciutto, olive oil, salt & pepper, and finally Parmesan cheese.  Quick, easy, and oh so satisfying.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Bobbi...

Bobbi Brown creates makeup which gives women the "no makeup" look, which is what I go for! Being in the city for the summer means I have to put a little extra effort in protecting my skin and creating natural looks. Here are some of my favorite products I've been using:
Creamy concealer kit, goodbye dark under eye circles.
The foundation stick, the most portable and effective foundation!

Shimmer Brick in Beige, the ultimate secret to a natural glow. I use this on my cheeks and as eyeshadow when necessary.
The secret to a great eye, Bobbi's long-wear gel eyeliner.   (I use her ultra fine eyeliner brush to apply)
Final touch, SPF 15 non-grease lip balm

 Since Bobbi Brown isn't the most affordable makeup out there, I make sure to pick products I know will be useful on an everyday basis.  Skin is so delicate, therefore investing in proper good quality makeup is important. Check out Bobbi Brown's website:, enjoy!

Easy Entertainment

I have grown to love good books in the last few years, and one of my favorite things is starting a book that I can't put down. I read anything from magazines, cook books, how-to's, biographies but my favorites are those sappy love stories that leave you feeling good at the end.

"One Day" by David Nicholls is a clever, interesting and most definitely romantic! 

 The best part is that it's been made as a movie, and coming out this summer!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodbye Dining Hall

I just had my last meal of the semester in my college dining hall, what a relief.  Dining halls are the number one place where it's so easy to over eat... and then feel real bad about it after because it wasn't even worth it.  What's on my mind right now? This amazing tomato basil salad I made a few weekends ago...
This salad could not be simpler! Cut cherry tomatos in half, add some fresh basil, green onions, some olive oil and salt/pepper. I dream of this salad on bad dining hall days.  My goal officially starting tomorrow? Healthy Eating! This salad will kelp me find my healthy habits.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bright & Tight

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting hotter, which means bikini season is approaching quickly.  I find myself is a constant rut about going to the gym.... going for a run.... doing yoga.... urg such an effort!  My way of coping? Looking great while working out! The brighter, the better. 
I find it hard putting a lot of money into sportswear, but I do want to be comfortable, cute, and appropriate.  Target makes great workout clothing for low prices.  (
One thing that is very important to splurge on is proper running shoes.  I have a pair of asics that I change every year, they are comfortable, and amazing for runners.  They also come is all sorts of fun colours! (