Monday, September 5, 2011

Operation Get Organized

This week has been very hectic.  I've officially moved back to school to embark on my final year at Babson College.  I'm living with five amazing girls and we're all slowly getting back into the fast pace of college.  It's always such a change coming back from summer internships and lazy days in the sun but I'm determined to make my last year my best! I consider myself a pretty easy going person... until it comes to my Agenda.  For years I was on a hunt to find the perfect agenda or planner. The size, detailing and look had to be perfect... and I didn't stop until I found one that I loved.  MomAgenda is a company started y a mother to help other mothers with their hectic lives filled with activities and appointments.  I must make it very clear that I am NOT a mother, but MomAgenda offers a line of MyAgenda, which is for college students and young women.

Investing in a professional and appropriate agenda is important.  I currently own the zebra print MyAgenda and keep it close at all times.  I consider it the key to keeping me organized when hectic days turn into hectic weeks! Who said agendas had to be boring?

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