Monday, June 20, 2011

And once again...

I know, I love pasta.  Most of the recipes I share involve pasta, but there's nothing like a one dish dinner.  It makes great leftovers, and a hot dish with veg, meat and pasta is always a good way to go.  Tonight, I made a mushroom and chicken dish with bow tie pasta.  Here are some pictures to help visualize!
Mushrooms with a little olive oil

Chicken that will be cut and put into the pasta, extra was made to put in future salads!

Asparagus cooking in the same pan as the chicken, this gives it more flavor. 

Some pine nuts because they make everything taste better...

The final dish, chicken broth was added for taste. 
I enjoyed every bite! As mentioned in the caption above, I added chicken broth which really pulled everything together nicely.  Salt, pepper, a little parsley, and ta-da!!

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  1. Hey Olivia! That dish is making me hungry...and I already had a huge supper! I love how this recipe seems so simple, yet so tasty looking! Kudos! I'll be adding you to my blogroll so my readers can be tempted by your treats! (PS: I had a great time talking blogs with you at the grad the other day!)