Monday, June 27, 2011

My Everything Bag

I am about to purchase this Marc by Marc Jacobs black nylon tote with hopes that it becomes my new school bag for the fall.  For years I have been carrying my Longchamp, but the popularity of it has lead me to search elsewhere for my "everything" bag.  Marc Jacobs is a designer I admire very much... he is constantly innovating fashion with his collections, and adds a touch of originality to all his pieces.

When looking for an everyday bag, it's important to consider a few factors.  First, the size... make sure it is big enough to carry what is needed.  Secondly, the strap should be long enough so that it can comfortably sit on your shoulder.  Finally, make sure it's washable.  The nylon and black colour makes this bag accident proof!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon tote in black

I use the term "everything" because this bag will be used everywhere and for any occasion.  School books, over night bag, shopping bag... you name it, I'll use it!  Zappos has a great collection of Marc Jacobs bags, check it out!

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