Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bathing Beauties

This weekend has been spent in Montreal, doing some shopping, visiting the festivals, and seeing friends.  City weekends are great, but the hot weather is making me countdown the days until I can be back on the lake... Bathing suits can be so hard to find sometimes... there really is nothing worse than trying on a swimsuit in a intensely bright changing room, with hangers left and right and a bloated stomach.  Bikinis are great, and it's what most girls my age wear, but one pieces can be so flattering. 
flattering stripes

crazy colours, and an amazing low back cut

Modern Classy
Anthropologie has great one piece swimwear that is young, sexy, and amazingly original.  When it comes to family boat time, or days spent by a pool with aunts, uncles, and cousins, I ditch the itsy bitsy bikini and go for the one piece that makes me feel fun, cute, and great!

All these swimsuits can be found on

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  1. I totally agree; the bikini is fun and great for tanning purposes (in moderation, naturally!) but a one piece can make you feel elegant - especially when dealing with need to stop showing respect just because it's Summer! You're wise beyond your years, Olivia!