Thursday, July 7, 2011

Colours of Summer

Everyone needs a little colour in their world, especially during summer months, where sandals and bare feet become the norm. Essie has always been my go-to brand of polish.  I love the fun colours they offer and their brush size makes it very easy to apply.  There's nothing better that finding a great new colour find.  Here are some Essie polishes I'm loving:

Essie Lilacism
Although originally a spring colour, I love this polish with all my heart.  It works well with my skin and makes every open toed shoe look better.  Pastel purples are seen everywhere this summer in Montreal.... A good colour is worth celebrating!

The summer Red, Essie Clambake
Winter calls for dark reds and purples, but what about summer time?  This great red has a coral orange touch, which is perfect for warm weather and sunny days. Note: Looks great with white and beige tops!

Essie Watermelon
The first Essie colour I ever bought was "watermelon", and what a great choice is was!  Every girl craves a good vibrant pink polish once in a while, and if you are searching for the perfect one, I suggest this!
Essie Turquoise & Caicos
So surprisingly great!  I tried this colour once when I was in an adventurous mood... and never looked back.  Turquoise and Caicos really brings out tanned skin and surprisingly goes well with everything.

And last but not least....
Essie Mademoiselle
There's nothing like Essie mademoiselle.  It's my go-to polish and always will be.  It applies with no streaks, looks natural, and can make every girl feel classy! I've emptied bottles and bought more... it really is an obsession.  For the days when I have enough colour in my life, Mademoiselle is what I turn to.

These 5 colours definitely don't go together, but they are staple Essie colours I carry.  I know in times of colour crisis, one of these picks will do the trick.  Go to Essie for more info!


  1. Your choice of polishes is so well thought out! Essie is amazing and their brush has got to be my hands-down fave. I wore Chanel's "Nouvelle Vague" all last summer as a pedi - it's the twin to Turquoise & Caicos, and I still love it a year later! As to Mademoiselle, I've gone through several bottles myself and it is THE classic pale neutral/pink shade of all time. Whenever I'm overly saturated with eccentric nail polish hues, Mademoiselle is the one I turn to in order to get grounded again! Great post!!

  2. Thanks! Your blog is really teaching me so much about nail polishes, and introducing me to great new colours! Can't wait to invest in new fall colours.