Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Hali

Yesterday afternoon, my mother, brother and I drove up to Halifax, Nova Scotia to visit universities and explore the city.  I haven't spent much time at all in the Maritimes but  I love everything I've seen in Halifax so far.  It's the perfect university "city-town" with great restaurants, fun stores and amazing views.  I carried my camera around today to take some pictures of the pretty scenery.

My go-to breakfast on the run

I love this little red hut/house

A view from the harbor

I felt I had to add this picture... the colours of all the houses are great
Today, we visited two schools, visited a few shops where I found some great pieces, and went to a fun restaurant! If ever in Halifax, make sure to set aside a time to eat at "The Bicycle Thief".  Great drinks and amazing fries!  Until next time Hali...


  1. Aww!! I was scanning your latest posts and suddenly realized I KNOW these places!! Yay Halifax :) I hope you had a great stay and got to enjoy some good weather - it's touch and go, but when it's sunny, it's beautiful here! I've been to the Bicycle Thief and I agree, great place! Love the atmosphere.

    Hope you visit us again!

  2. I am hoping to visit again! I fell in love with the city. So much charm!