Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something of a Mess

One of the easiest and best tasting dessert is a Shortcake Mess (This is not actually the name but I've dubbed it this for the past few months, and it just seems to work!) It's great when a large crowd it expected for dinner. One big bowl is all you need!

Finished product!
1 pound cake (bought or homemade)
Simple Syrup (water with a little sugar)
A bunch of strawberries
Strawberry jam
Whipped Cream

In this case, I buy the pound cake, and cut it into slices.  Once cut, brush some simple syrup onto the shortcake to make it moist.
Pound cake slices
Wash and cut the strawberries, and set aside.  Once everything is out and ready, pick an appropriate bowl or dish and start stacking!
Fresh strawberries ready to be cut

Let the layering begin!
I start with the pound cake on the bottom, and then add some strawberry jam, strawberries and finally whipped cream.  Repeat the layers until you get to the top of the bowl! Enjoy!

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